With an annual output of 3 million pieces, Triumph Technology's 8.5-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate production line was put into operation

by:Kimeery     2021-06-01

On September 26, Trisun Technology issued an announcement that its wholly-owned subsidiary Trisun Information Display Materials (Chizhou) Co., Ltd. invested and constructed a production line with an annual output of 3 million 3D glass cover plates. After a period of trial production, , Has now met the conditions for production and officially put into production on September 26.

It is reported that the 8.5-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate production line project invested by Kaisheng Technology is constructed in two phases. The project adopts the core technology of electronic glass independently developed by Bengbu Institute and is included in the national key research and development plan. On June 18, the production line was successfully ignited in Bengbu, Anhui. On August 26, the production line led the board successfully.

TFT-LCD glass substrate, a glass substrate for thin film transistor liquid crystal displays, is a key strategic material for the electronic information display industry. It is reported that the display industry is divided according to product size. It is generally considered that the 6th generation line and below are the low generation, and the 8.5 generation line and above are the high generation. The 8.5 generation line can cut 6 55-inch screens, and the maximum screen size for economic cutting is 55 inch.

According to previous official news from Trisun Group, this is China's first 8.5-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate production line and the first domestic high-generation float TFT-LCD glass substrate production line. The significance of the mass production of the project is that after mass production, it will promote the independence of key raw materials of my country's LCD panel industry, and reverse the passive situation of domestic high-generation TFT-LCD glass substrates relying entirely on foreign technology.

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