With an investment of more than 100 billion yuan in five years, Huike has built 4 LCD production lines, and will it be the next TCL?

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

'HKC' is also one of the more famous display brands in China. In recent years, Huike has not limited to only making terminal products. It has also built its own LCD panel production line, and it can’t stop once it is launched. In just 5 years, it has continuously invested in the construction of 4 8.6 generation LCD panel production lines. This expansion speed is comparable to the industry leader BOE.

Although it started late, it has developed rapidly.

Huike made liquid crystal display panels. Although it started late, it has developed very rapidly.

Huike’s first LCD panel production line is located in Chongqing, a city in southwest my country, and was established in April 2015. The total investment is 24 billion yuan, of which the first phase investment is 12 billion yuan, the monthly production capacity is 70K, and the glass substrate size is 2250*2600mm.

2015 is a year of rapid expansion of China's semiconductor display industry. In this year alone, the newly established production lines include BOE Chengdu B7 AM-LCD for Samsung 6th generation line, Hefei B9 TFT-LCD 10.5 generation line, Fuzhou B10 TFT-LCD 8.5 generation line, Wuhan Tianma Microelectronics AM-OLED 6 generation line, CLP Panda Chengdu TFT-LCD 8.6 generation line, AUO Kunshan LTPS 6 generation line, Hon Hai Group Zhengzhou LTPS 6th generation line. At this time, Huike entered the LCD panel industry, catching up with the climax of the construction of the panel production line.

In August 2017, Huike established Chuzhou TFT-LCD 8.6 generation line, with a total investment of 24 billion yuan, and a designed production capacity of 120K per month.

In September 2018, the Mianyang Huike TFT-LCD 8.6 generation line was established. The total investment is still 24 billion yuan, and the designed production capacity is 120K per month.

In September 2019, Changsha Huike 8.6-generation line was established to officially promote the production of TFT-LCD and OLED. I personally predict that this production line should be an LCD for Samsung experimental production line, which can accumulate experience for the later construction of OLED production lines. OLEDs are produced in small quantities and will not be shipped on a large scale. The latter should be mainly TFT-LCD.

A series of large-scale operations by Huike, all of a sudden squeezed itself into the third place in the domestic large-size LCD panel. (In the field of large-size LCD panel display, the first place is BOE, the second place is Huaxing Optoelectronics, and the third place is Huike. I wonder if everyone has different opinions?)

The road ahead is long and under pressure

We all know that in recent years, the TFT-LCD liquid crystal display market has been close to saturation, and other domestic manufacturers have slowed down or stopped the construction of new TFT-LCD production lines. Was Huike's series of big moves going against the trend, or was it an afterthought?

Huike has its own complete machine manufacturing base and its own terminal brand, which is Huike's advantage. Huike has established complete machine Ru0026D and production bases in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei, and Yichang, realizing the entire industrial chain from LCD panels, bonding, LED backlights, optical materials, LCD modules, hardware and plastic parts to complete machine production. Highly integrated.

The high degree of integration of the industry chain means that Huike has a competitive advantage in cost. Self-produced and self-sold guarantees that the screens produced by themselves can be sold by grades, even if they are poor. Get out. Controlling the upstream and downstream of the industry chain is similar to that of China Star Optoelectronics. China Star Optoelectronics is a subsidiary of TCL and is one of TCL's most profitable subsidiaries.

Currently, the price of LCD panels is at the bottom of the industry cycle. Many sizes of LCD panels are even sold at prices lower than the production cost. For a novice in the industry like Huike, there is a lot of pressure. At present, the LCD industry is in a reshuffle stage, and major domestic manufacturers have been stunned, and the 'price war' may continue for a longer period of time. Survival is not only the goal of Vanke, but also the challenge that Huike faces.

Huike chose to build the 8.6 generation line instead of the mainstream 8.5 generation line of domestic manufacturers in order to avoid product homogeneity and reduce some competitive pressure. The best cutting sizes for the 8.5 generation line (size 2200*2500mm) are 49 inches and 55 inches, and the 8.6 generation line is at almost the same cost, the best cutting sizes are 50 inches and 58 inches, and the glass substrate utilization rate can reach 93 inches. %the above.

Future outlook

In the past two years, the gradual withdrawal of South Korean factory Samsung LG in the LCD field is good news for China’s LCD industry. Whoever can grab the market share of Samsung and LG's exit will have more hope of survival in the future.

Huike skips the small size and starts directly from the 8.6 generation line, which is a wise choice. After all, small-size screens have gradually become the world of AM-LCD for Samsung, and the voice of 'LCD will never be a slave' is getting weaker and weaker.

Among domestic panel makers, Huaxing Optoelectronics focuses on large-size LCD TV panels, Huike specializes in medium-size display panels, Tianma Microelectronics is deeply engaged in small-size mobile phone panels, and BOE is comprehensive in large, medium and small sizes. development of. I don't know whether the future domestic semiconductor display market will form a 'one super three strong' situation.

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