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with new replacement fanuc monitors in stock from over 16 manufacturers, cnc electronics west offers an industry-leading 2-year warranty on all lcd monitor replacements.

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National City, California, December 13, 2017--(PR. com)--
Many monitors in stock are available for immediate delivery and modern LCD alternatives in 9, 12, 14 and 15 colors are available-
Inch crtmonitor, and CRT on 9-Inch monochrome.
To make sure theynot is only for no hassle, all LCD screen replacement monitors are typed for a month-
12 years warranty and CRT-month warranty.
Some of the brands of CNC Electronics West are Fanuc, GE Fanuc, Siemens, Mazak, Hayden Hyne, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, KME, Tatung northeast and Motorola.
Cnc tft/LCD reconstruction can also be done using existing metal products.
By using existing metalwork, a brand-
New display systems can be installed in existing metal products to ensure a perfect fit.
Rebuilding of CNC Electronics West can usually be done on the same day/24-
Turn around in hours, so provide a quick solution at an affordable price.
All LCD rebuilds with 2-
One year warranty as an LED equivalent.
LED equivalents are available for replacement and reconstruction and cover most colors 12 and 14-
Inch CRT-based displays, Fanuc LCD, LCD/MDI and PDP displays are possible even for special monochrome CRT technologies like brother.
Other services include a limited number of exchange monitors for 9 and 12-
Inch green and yellow for monochrome CRT (Mainly the hair section)
, And the repair service of CNC Electronics West\'s own replacement monitors that are out of warranty.
Repair can also be provided for limited selection monitors that they do not provide replacement, reconstruction or replacement services.
CNC monitor testing is an important part of the business and can be provided on all monitors that can provide maintenance.
The standard warranty time for all CNC monitor replacement and repair services is 180 days.
In addition to the above monitoring services, CNC Electronics Westalso provides parts for Fanuc LCD/MDI units such as LCD panels.
Regardless of which service option the customer chooses, each monitor is subject to rigorous testing so that the monitor can reach your factory, ready for installation, and guaranteed it will work.
For more information and more detailed descriptions that West Electronics West can provide, please visit the dedicated Fanuc display or CNC display page on their website.
The 2018 CNC Electronics West price list is now available.
Please contact cnc Electronics West directly for your copy.
In order to help customers in the western states of the United States, further information from reporters established in 2009, CNC Electronics West in San Diego is the leading independent hair parts expert in western America and Canada, mexico and other parts of the United States.
Along with their East Coast partners and other members of the group, they offer a lot of services to Fanuc CNC and GE Fanuc.
Services include extensive test, repair and replacement parts for AC servo and spindle, Alpha and Alpha I power modules. Same Day / 24-
Hours turnaround time for Fanuc repair, as well as a large inventory of CNC monitors, pcb, etc.
In addition to parts distribution, CNC Electronics West offers a comprehensive sales and after-sales service, a reliable warranty plan, and a range of testing and diagnostic services.
Contact Information: Rebecca Ross 1, CNC Electronics West Inc-619-477-
9011 contact by emailfanuc. cnc-electronics.
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