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your image on an arduino! - tft lcd screen guide

by:Kimeery     2020-03-22
Have you ever heard of a tft LCD screen?
They are a great way to display Arduino information or display pictures.
The Arduino team has just released a formal tft LCD screen with a new robot at Maker Faire 2013.
It\'s very easy to start! !
This tutorial will show you how to start and run the LCD, how to load information from the SD card, and how to make some simple projects.
Tft LCD screen is a good way to separate the computer and send the Arduino relay information that needs to be understood to the LCD.
A large part of the LCD is the built-in microSD card slot.
You can store images, even some text, on a microSD card socket!
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To make a project, you need the following sections: Arduino UNO (Amazon, $22)
Arduino tft LCD screen (
Arduino store, $28)ArduSensor Pot(Qtechknow, $8)
Half Size bread board (Amazon, $5. 50)
2 GB MicroSD card (
Amazon optional, about $6)
Jumper WiresTools:
B cable laptop microSD card adapter and usb sd card reading LCD screen (Thin-film-
Transistor LCD display)
It is a great graphic display that displays information.
They are variations of liquid crystal displays (LCD)
It uses TFT technology to improve the addressing and contrast of images.
They are often used in video games, smartphones, mobile phones, and sometimes even TV.
Now, with today\'s technology and accessibility, you can use it with Arduino!
LCD or LCD display is easy to use with Arduino.
They are a very simple way to tell the user data from Arduino.
There is a standard 16x2 character LCD in the grocery store, and when the cashier scans each item, the display will tell you what you bought and the price of it.
For the first example, let\'s put the Instructables logo on our TFT display!
Download the zip file below and put it on the microSD card (2GB).
You may use the microSD to SD card adapter.
Special software is not required, just copy and paste it on the card.
Next, open the Arduino IDE.
You need Arduino 1. 0.
Run Sketch 5 or better.
Open the example of instructable stft.
Connect the above circuit from the Arduino tft LCD to the Arduino UNO.
Then, upload the sketch.
Once the serial display is turned on, there should be the instructures logo on the LCD!
Let\'s give another example.
This time, we will simulate the serial monitor on the tft LCD.
Keep the same circuit and upload the new code below.
This sketch will collect the reading from ardusensorpot and then relay it to the tft LCD screen 10 times per second.
This is a good way to display data without a computer.
Next, let\'s read the microSD card ourselves.
There is actually a microSD card reader on the Arduino tft LCD, so let\'s see what\'s on it!
Open the card information sketch from the Arduino program;
File> example> SD> CardInfo.
Upload to Arduino and then open the serial monitor in the Arduino program.
You should see all the information that pops up with your microSD card! ! !
These numbers should be how much memory is in your SD card, what files are in it, etc.
I hope you have learned a lot from this tutorial and you will consider doing a project with the awesome Arduino tft LCD screen!
If you do a project, please post it in the comments!
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