Yuan Feng, Vice President of BOE: LCD will have a ten-year golden period in the future

by:Kimeery     2021-05-30

On July 22, 2020 Shanghai International Display Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition (DIC) opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

At the DIC 2020 exhibition site, BOE (BOE) demonstrated the infinite possibilities of LCD for Samsung innovative applications. According to Yuan Feng, vice president of BOE Technology Group, with the support of Mini LED technology and OLED technology, LCD will have a golden period of ten years in the future. 'Mini LED and BD cell technology greatly extend the life cycle of LCD, which is a new contribution to the LCD industry.'

BOE (BOE) Mini LED products can achieve a million-level ultra-high contrast ratio , Allowing users to experience a more natural display effect. Yuan Feng believes that Mini LED technology and BD cell technology can make up for the problem of contrast between LCD and OLED. Mini LED technology is currently mainly used for backlighting, which can achieve higher contrast and color performance, and better present LCD. In the future, Mini LED will not be limited by area, and there will be no traces of splicing on the screen, which will achieve more refined direct display, which will greatly expand future application scenarios.

It is reported that under the trend of full screen, the integration and innovation of flexible display, under-screen camera and fingerprint recognition technology provide a highly integrated, efficient and convenient integrated solution for mobile phones. The flexible screen of BOE (BOE) integrated under-screen camera solves the pain point of digging holes in traditional full-screen display. At the DIC 2020 exhibition site, BOE (BOE) also brought on-screen 3D face recognition technology to realize a smarter and more convenient new mode of face unlocking.

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