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What does Kimeery do to control the quality?


Kimeery built a 5-stop quality checking before and during producing.

•  Materials checking in Material-Warehouse

•  Full test in the producing line machining

•  Full test at the end of producing line, before switching to Produts-Warehouse

•  Final full-test before packing  

Structure test&Cosmetic inspection

-Measure thickness, width and length

-Check LCD frame assembled well, screw hole aligned well

-Check whether the surface of glass lens damaged or scratched

-Check whether the flex cable broken or damaged

-Check the backlight welded firmly


Function test

-Test whether the pure color display normal or not(pure color display shoud be no dead pixel,no dust)

-Test touch function by moving icons, typing keyboard

-Test 3D touch function and sensitivity

-Test backlight brightness

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