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What is your warranty policy?


Kimeery guarantees that all LCDs have been manufactured free of any defect, in materials and manufacturing, according to the specification sheets and that they have passed all the quality controls established before leaving the factory, in order to ensure a correct operation under the operational conditions established.

All defective merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned for a replacement within 12 months from the original purchase date. The warranty does not cover physically damaged merchandise. All warranty replacements are required to have a RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) file.

To confirm the RMA file, please contact our sales department before returned shipping via WhatsApp,Wechat, email at info@kimeery.hk or call us at 0086-755-82733611.


Following terms applies to all refunds and exchange.

•  All LCD(s) being returned must be in original condition with packaging, unused,

and undamaged. Otherwise, the RMA will be denied.

•  All LCD(s) that have been returned without first receiving RMA approval will

be denied.

•  All LCD(s) being returned without Kimeery’s stamp will be denied.(Our sales department will mark the Stamp in your P.I.)

•  All LCD(s) being returned without a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) file in

the package will be denied.

•  All LCD(s) have a warranty period of 12 months from the original purchase date.The RMA will be denied if the product is over the12 months warranty period.

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