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Do you want to use your phone for a long time? Maintain the battery first


Do you want to use your phone for a long time? Maintain the battery first


What is the health level of your mobile phone battery now? Do you need to carry a charger with you at all times when you go out to play? Are you troubled by the fact that your mobile phone consumes a lot of power?

Regarding this solution, I believe everyone’s first reaction is to replace the battery. However, when it comes to battery replacement, some people say that the original battery is durable and only the original battery should be replaced; some others say that the original battery is almost the same as a third-party battery and costs so much. Spend money to buy an Apple official certification, the price/performance ratio is too low; some people say that you can simply change your phone and get it right in one step.

How should we maintain the battery of a new mobile phone?

1. Charge the mobile phone in time when the battery level is around 20%-45%. There is no need to wait until the battery is only 0% and the phone is turned off to charge.

2. A complete charging cycle should be performed at least once a month. When the battery level is below 20%, start charging until it is fully charged, and then charge for another 30 minutes.

3. Try to avoid playing with the phone while charging. Playing with the phone while charging will accelerate the heating of the phone, affect the heat dissipation of the phone, accelerate the aging of the battery, and reduce the battery life.

4. Avoid recharging when the battery power is lower than 20% for a long time. This will cause the battery to be in a state of power loss for a long time, which will greatly damage the battery life.

You can also pay more attention to "Battery Health and Charging" in your iPhone to check the battery health of your phone. More than 90% of the battery health is considered excellent. Lower capacity may shorten the battery life after charging, which is basically 80%.  If it is lower than that, it is recommended to replace the battery.

Regarding battery replacement, there are two channels to choose from: official original batteries and third-party batteries. Which of these two qualities should you choose? Which one is more suitable for you?

The official original battery must be a good product selected by Apple, and the quality must be guaranteed. In terms of experience, Apple will officially refresh the key for its own battery and upload it. The battery display of our iPhone is exactly the same as before and there are no abnormalities. You can also check the battery health.

However, to replace Apple's official original battery, it is best to make an appointment at the store, which can usually be replaced in 2 hours; otherwise, some stores have no stock, and it will take a week to send it for repair, which is a bit troublesome.

If you replace the third-party battery with a regular brand, there will be no adverse impact on the mobile phone. Because batteries from regular manufacturers have undergone rigorous testing before leaving the factory, accidents rarely occur during normal use. Due to the different manufacturing processes of each battery manufacturer, the battery capacity will be different from the original battery, which is normal.

However, you need to pay attention to the following issues:


1. After replacing the unofficial original battery, the warranty service provided by Apple will be lost. Because Apple has stated in its maintenance policy that if the phone is disassembled through unofficial channels or after dismantling the phone by itself, it will refuse to provide repair services. This means that if a third-party battery is replaced, the original battery can no longer be officially replaced by Apple.


2. Do not buy and use low-priced and unguaranteed battery products. There are many battery products on the market, and some low-priced batteries cannot guarantee quality and may affect mobile phones or even burn out devices.


3. Don’t easily try to replace the battery yourself. Battery installation and replacement are best left to professional technicians. When Apple manufactures iPhones, it uses a lot of double-sided tape to fix the battery to the inner compartment of the fuselage. Therefore, when replacing the battery, it is often necessary to use a professional heat gun to heat the fuselage in order to successfully remove the battery.

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